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The art of submission

A corridor of mostly grey doors, one of which is red.

Despite appearances, this is not a blog with a ‘fifty shades’ theme. The major source of sauce round here is gravy. But don’t click away just yet.

We have now perfected our new process infographic so you can see at a glance how we get you from submission to publication. Everyone in the Fantastic Books family has had to get through that first crucial stage, so if you want to know how to get a publisher on the hook from the first contact, then you may wish to read on.

#WritersInLockdown Mark P Henderson

Today’s #writerinlockdown MARK P HENDERSON #amwriting #amediting #lockdown #lockdownUK

Lockdown. Britain is closed. People are dying. Essential services, not least the NHS, are overstretched. Economic Armageddon threatens. Of course there are positives: quieter towns and cities, a plummeting of air pollution and carbon dioxide output, and neighbour helping neighbour with shopping and other needs. I don’t think the pollution and climate change positives will prove durable after the crisis ends, good though they are while they last, though perhaps the upsurge in neighbourly kindness will. One can hope. However, gloss at as you will, the negatives predominate.

#WritersInLockdown CM Angus

Today’s #writerinlockdown CM ANGUS #amwriting #amediting #lockdown #lockdownUK

So I’m currently holed up in Huddersfield with my family.

You’d think that I’d have plenty of time to write but when I’m done trying to hold down my day job and also act as a teacher to 2 kids I’ve got very little left in the tank.

I was due to have a launch of my latest Speculative Fiction novel: Overstrike (vol. 1 of the fix point trilogy) at the Concentric 2020 Sci-fi conference, but that’s now on hold and I expect to instead do some online events.

Supporting #NHSCharitiesTogether

This initiative is the brainchild of one of our authors, retired medic and academic, Mark P Henderson, who has decided to donate 100% of his royalties from all ebook sales of Cruel and Unusual PunNishments to NHS Charities Together, an organisation that works on behalf of a huge network of NHS charities across the UK. Mark is joined by five other authors, Stuart Aken, Penny Grubb, Melodie Trudeaux, John Scotcher and Sue Knight. In addition Fantastic Books Publishing will divert the charity streams from its five most successful anthologies for the duration of this emergency.


We must make it clear that as a company we do not agree that the NHS should be funded by charitable funding, but we also acknowledge that the current funding levels are such that charitable intervention is necessary to ensure that our brave and tireless front line workers can continue to do their jobs while protecting themselves and their loved ones during this unprecedented crisis.


The 12 titles below, each in its own way, will help to ease your path through the current lockdown, and for every ebook sold, NHS Charities Together will benefit.


#WritersInLockdown Alan Combes

Photo by Scarborough News

Today’s #writerinlockdown ALAN COMBES #amwriting #amediting #lockdown #lockdownUK

Between 1999 and 2010 I worked as a football match reporter for the Sunday Times.

I was also working as a supply teacher in the week. It was not a huge leap to realise that a number of the less motivated boys (and a few girls) never bothered with books, but could be tempted to read anything about football.
I started off with an idea based on a lad I was then teaching who had been offered trials by Manchester United.

#WritersInLockdown BJ Edwards

Today’s #writerinlockdown BJ EDWARDS #amwriting #amediting #lockdown #lockdownUK

I’ve just brushed the dogs, and then brushed myself, having both a yellow and black Labrador does make carpets and clothes interesting.

I’m sitting in my study now, thinking how much and how little has changed since the world got sick.

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