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I’ve just brushed the dogs, and then brushed myself, having both a yellow and black Labrador does make carpets and clothes interesting.

I’m sitting in my study now, thinking how much and how little has changed since the world got sick.

As a writer, I’m used to being at home, typing letters into my computer and hoping some of them will turn into serviceable sentences. A writer’s life is a solitary one, but not a romantic one. This year I should be directing a play, releasing a new book, and having exciting meetings about a film. All these projects are on hold. Instead, I find myself writing short stories and working on a book that I was going to write next year. But there’s more to me than a writer, I do a lot of sport and train every day.

Of course, all this has stopped, which means I have to use a lot of imagination to stay fit at home. Thankfully, imagination is something I have a lot of, but unfortunately, imagination alone, won’t pay the bills.

So, I guess I am duty bound to plug something I’ve written, something that might fuel your imagination or keep you company during these strangest of days. I will recommend two things – a fantasy novel called Stalking The Shadows, and a collection of poems. Both are nourishing in different ways. I think – no, I know that within Tesserae, my collection of poems, you’ll find something that will move you, inspire you or help you.

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