This initiative is the brainchild of one of our authors, retired medic and academic, Mark P Henderson, who has decided to donate 100% of his royalties from all ebook sales of Cruel and Unusual PunNishments to NHS Charities Together, an organisation that works on behalf of a huge network of NHS charities across the UK. Mark is joined by five other authors, Stuart Aken, Penny Grubb, Melodie Trudeaux, John Scotcher and Sue Knight. In addition Fantastic Books Publishing will divert the charity streams from its five most successful anthologies for the duration of this emergency.


We must make it clear that as a company we do not agree that the NHS should be funded by charitable funding, but we also acknowledge that the current funding levels are such that charitable intervention is necessary to ensure that our brave and tireless front line workers can continue to do their jobs while protecting themselves and their loved ones during this unprecedented crisis.



The 12 titles below, each in its own way, will help to ease your path through the current lockdown, and for every ebook sold, NHS Charities Together will benefit.







This initiative is dedicated to NHS staff both on and behind the front lines. We all owe you a huge debt of gratitude.


Thank you.