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The art of submission

A corridor of mostly grey doors, one of which is red.

Despite appearances, this is not a blog with a ‘fifty shades’ theme. The major source of sauce round here is gravy. But don’t click away just yet.

We have now perfected our new process infographic so you can see at a glance how we get you from submission to publication. Everyone in the Fantastic Books family has had to get through that first crucial stage, so if you want to know how to get a publisher on the hook from the first contact, then you may wish to read on.

Contemporary vs Historical fiction research

Bloody heart and penNovelists writing about the past have an easy time of it, I reckon. They seek out historical sources and do the research, and that’s it. Easy, yeah? I hear the protests. Historical research is no picnic. Granted, it’s not, but it’s in the job description for a novelist, and once researched, it sticks!


For those of us who set our novels in the present day, we need psychic powers, too.


Why do reviews even matter?

dan reading a bookLike the look of a book? Then maybe read a few reviews before deciding to purchase, right? That's pretty much the way the review system works for the majority of industries that use them.


However, to create something that someone else enjoys so much that they feel compelled to tell the world is a massive deal for both an author and their publisher if they have one.


Welcome to fantasticbooksstore.com!

logoHello and welcome to the new look Fantastic Books Publishing website! A huge thank you to the team who have worked tirelessly over the past four years to ensure that as a Fantastic subscriber you have access to really awesome content and amazing books too.


John Scotcher, Simon and Grant Woolcott, Paula Murphy and the team at Branditarians in Chicago have all contributed hugely to this site and we couldn't be happier with the result. Thank you all, you're all Fantastic!


Here you'll find all your usual content; blogs, writer and publisher resources, competitions and, most importantly of all, our Fantastic selection of audio, print and ebooks.


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