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The Gorgon's Loch

The Gorgon's Loch is a funaffordablequick-starteasy-to-playhard-to-master board game that uses a simple gaming system called the STORM system,  based on six-sided dice.

Fantastic Books Gaming exists to attract new players to the amazing world of board and tabletop gaming by offering easy, unintimidating gateway games to the hobby.

The Gorgon's Loch is our very first game and is a funexcitingturn-based fantasy dungeon adventure for 1-5 players, suitable for all the family.

  • It can be played as a solo game.
  • It can be played with or without a Dungeon Master.
  • Players can drop in and drop out as they wish, allowing for fun, uninterrupted game nights!


The Gorgon Queen has captured your souls and is using them as her playthings in her enchanted dungeon, the Gorgon's Loch.

Treated as unwilling gladiators, you have been trapped here for centuries battling in an endless cycle of death and reincarnation.

The dungeon is packed with the Gorgon Queen’s forces who are loyal to her every command.

You must collect and use potionsmagical scrollsweapons and armour to survive the onslaught of these forces, while avoiding traps and dark enchantments waiting to slow your progress at every turn.

Eventually, you will come face to face with the Gorgon Queen herself.

Your aim is to defeat her and free your souls from her evil grasp!


Playing as one of five pre-generated characters, you use action points to GIVETAKEUSEFIGHTSEARCH and MOVE your way through the dungeons of the Gorgon's Loch.

Discovering treasure and health potions, upgrading weapons and armour, collecting magic scrolls, avoiding traps and dark enchantments and battling the Gorgon Queen's forces with close combat and ranged weapons, you must work together to find missing items and complete puzzles.

Play times for each of the dungeons averages 60 to 90 minutes including setup.

The STORM system is a hugely flexible gaming system that uses standard, six-sided dice.

Using the STORM gaming system, your character can GIVETAKEUSEFIGHTSEARCH and MOVE their way around the dungeon using weapons, armour, potions and magical scrolls.



First generate your character's starting health points by rolling two D6 at the start of the game.


Generate your action points in the same way (roll another two D6) at the start of every turn.

Now use those action points (you must use all of them if you can) to givetakeusefightsearch and move your character(s) around the dungeon.

GIVE - 1 ACTION POINT PER ACTION/ITEM (Unlimited trading with adjacent squares)

TAKE - 1 ACTION POINT PER ACTION/ITEM (Unlimited trading with adjacent squares)


FIGHT - 1 ACTION POINT PER ATTACK (Maximum 4 attacks per turn)

SEARCH - 1 ACTION POINT PER SEARCH (Maximum 4 searches per turn)

MOVE - 1 ACTION POINT PER SQUARE (Unlimited, including diagonally)

The mix of simplicity and complexity allows inexperienced, less confident players to join the action straight away.

More confident, strategic players can explore the hidden complexities the system has to offer.

We hope you enjoy the game and will recommend it to your friends!

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