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Welcome to Fantastic Books Gaming!

FBG's mission is to attract gamers from across the spectrum to come and try accessible, fun, easy to learn and quick to start games based on traditional tabletop role playing games of the past.

Our emphasis is on gameplay and fun. One of the brilliant things about being an established book publisher for years before opening a gaming division is that we already have the blessing of many of our authors, particularly those writing in the science fiction and fantasy genres, to explore the possibility of creating games based in and around the universes of their novels. Exciting!

OUR FIRST GAME: The very first game from FBG is called 'the Gorgon's Loch' and is a classic dungeon crawler with a difference ...

The game system it uses has been developed by us and allows for some interesting mechanics, one of which is a completely autonomous enemy movement and attack mechanic. What does this mean? Unusually for a tabletop role playing game, this means that a single player can play through the Gorgon's Loch scenarios while generating and battling enemies that are controlled with a very simple algorithm. The STORM system allows players to GIVE, TAKE, USE, FIGHT, SEARCH and MOVE their way through the dungeon, enriching themselves and trying to avoid traps and battling enemies along the way.

If you want to check out the rule book for the Gorgon's Loch, it's available for download right here.

However, we've already told you much too much about our inaugural game as that's what our KickstarterTwitter and Facebook communities are for so please head over and get signed up to keep track of all our upcoming shenanigans.

We have now released the artwork for all eight enemies in the Gorgon's Loch including the Gorgon Queen herself! Links to the albums are here on Twitter and here on Facebook. We hope you love them as much as we do!

Thanks for checking out our brand new division. We hope you like what you see and will sign up to our social media to keep in the loop.



WHAT PRODUCTS DO WE SELL ALREADY? We do already sell one game, a third party creation which is the original officially licenced Elite: Dangerous role playing game called 'Elite: Encounters' by Daftworks (not to be confused with the ED:RPG from Spidermind Games which is also awesome but an entirely different game). We offer Elite Encounters with kind permission of the creator Dave Hughes on a beautiful, action packed USB stick as you'll see below.

CAN YOU HELP? Feel free to get in touch if you think you can help us develop our gaming division into something truly Fantastic.

We are always looking for:

- Talented Games Masters to help us demonstrate games at expos and conventions
- Creative authors willing to plan some scenarios
- Terrain and character 3D printers looking to have their work featured in our streamed game testing videos
- Audio actors looking to voice our gaming adverts/narratives
- Sponsors looking to help us finance and develop our prototypes and gaming systems You can help us by clicking here, by using the 'Donate' button below or by scanning the QR code to the right. Thanks for your help!

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