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Inspection Copies

Inspection Copies

A limited number of our titles are available free as inspection copies to lecturers or course leaders who are teaching courses for which the books are likely to be recommended to the participants.


How to order

If you do not have an account with the Fantastic Books Store, please create one at https://www.fantasticbooksstore.com/customer/account/login/


Send an email to fbp-publicity@outlook.com with the subject header “INSPECTION COPY REQUEST: <book name>”

Within the email, please provide the following information:

  1. Your contact details: name, address and the email address associated with your online account.
  2. The course details: specifically its title and the names of any books currently recommended to participants, the length of the course, the expected number of participants, your position in relation to the course (e.g. are you the course leader, will you teach alone or as part of a team), the educational establishment, if any, for which you are running the course.


Note that we provide ebook inspection copies only. We also reserve the right to refuse requests for inspection copies.


How you can use your inspection copy

If you use our book to teach your course or to shape your teaching, we expect you to recommend it to your students.


Although you cannot legally sell or hire the material in the inspection copy, you can use it in accordance with any relevant licence held by the educational establishment under whose official auspices the course is taught – see FAQs below for more detail.


You can also buy discounted paperback copies direct from Fantastic Books and re-sell them if you wish to do so – see FAQs below for more detail.


The inspection copy is yours to keep whether or not you adopt it for your course. However, once you have read the book we ask that you review it on Amazon, Goodreads and the Fantastic Books Store.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I access my inspection copy?

A: You will receive an email from the Fantastic Books Store with a link to the book on your online account. Alternatively, you can login to your account and download your book.

Q: I am running a course for which I want to use one of your books but I am not part of an educational establishment. Can I still get an inspection copy?

A: Yes, you can still have an inspection copy. We will need to have the information about your course as detailed above.


Q: Can I give out digital copies or scans from the inspection copy to my students?

A: You cannot legally provide material from the inspection copy, but if you buy a copy AND if you are running an official course under the auspices of an educational establishment that holds a relevant licence, then you can provide such material but you MUST adhere to the terms of the licence, and you MUST accurately report your use of the material to any audit that requests it. In the UK this is the Copyright Licensing Agency licence. For information: this link is to the CLA’s Higher Education licence in which section 3 provides details of the photocopying, scanning and digital copying that can legally be done under their licence within Higher Education institutions. Details of primary and secondary education licences are available on the CLA website.


Q: I am NOT running an official course under the auspices of an educational establishment. Can I give out digital copies or scans from the inspection copy to my students?

A: NO. Even if you buy a copy of the book, this would be illegal without the relevant licence.


Q: Can I sell copies of the book to my students?

A: You cannot sell the inspection copy as that would be illegal. However, you are free to buy copies and resell those. You can buy discounted paperback copies direct from Fantastic Books Publishing.


Q: If I buy paperbacks at a discount from you, do I have to resell them at the same price?

A: Once you have bought the paperbacks, they are yours to resell at whatever price you like. Some people provide a copy to each student as part of the course fee, but the way you resell the books and the price you ask is up to you.


Q: How much discount can I get on paperbacks?

A: It varies from book to book. Send an enquiry to fbp-publicity@outlook.com and you will be given a no obligation quote.


Q: Are all your books available under this scheme?

A: Only some of our titles are routinely made available as inspection copies, mainly textbooks and how-to books.


Q: I want to use one of your fiction titles for a course I am running. Can I obtain an inspection copy?

A: We would need full details of the course showing that you are using the book as a course book, but we will consider such requests.


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