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MABLE 2023 Blog Tour



Do You Remember The Barn Owl - Barbara Lorna Hudson

Meet The Author, Barbara Lorna Hudson

New Book For Emeritus Fellow | Green Templeton College

Stuart Aken Reviews Do You Remember The Barn Owl?

Stuart Aken Reviews Makeover

One Of Those Collections That Makes You Feel Better For Having Read It

Title Issue For The Woman Who Slept With A Monkey

Canny Author Only Able To Publish Through Keeping Hold Of Her Copyright


Riding the High Road - Penny Frances

Stuart Aken Reviews Riding The High Road

Penny Frances at the Sounds About Write event

An Intergenerational Rollercoaster

The Main Motivation? Having A Book That Will Be Read

Much Of The Pleasure In reading This Book Came From The Depth, Complexity And Gradual Evolution Of The Principal Characters

Author's Experience of Donor Insemination Becomes A Novel Set In The Scottish Highlands

I Would Definitely Call This A Good Read

The Author Muses On Her Writing Journey

Interviewed By The Writers' Workshop

Out Now!


A Suggestion In Space - Alan Paine

A very human exploration of interstellar travel

Deals With The Emotional, Physical, And Spiritual Interactions Of The Very Real Characters

After 14 Years In The Making, A Horncastle Author Is Now Preparing For The Launch

An Obvious Route From Chemical Engineering But Apparently Unheard Of From Edible Oil!

Chemical Engineer’s Debut Novel Wins Plaudits from Sci-Fi Best-Selling Author

Winner Of the Julia Bradbury Prize For Capturing The Spirit Of The Wolds

Books By Alan R Paine


Elusive Tales of the Peak District - Mark P Henderson

I Read This Under A Hot Sun, But Could Feel The Damp, Chill, Windy, Weather Of The Peak District Through Mark’s Vivid Descriptions

A Thoroughly Enjoyable Read Highly Recommended

I Could Never Have Resisted This One

Shining A Light on the Folklore Hidden Within the Breathtaking Landscape of Britain’s Peak District

The Good, The Bad, The Fantastic, The Tragic, And The Funny

Mark P Henderson: Author, Storyteller & Editor

Many Spinning Plates And A Bit Of Sci-Fi


Tatty Cat and the Wonderful Whiff - Mella May

Mella Spills The Beans

Stuart Aken Reviews Tatty Cat

Lacking Children Of The Appropriate Age As Audience I Read The Book To Myself Instead, Chuckling At The Pictures And Thoroughly Enjoying The Experience

Its Focus On Yuckiness Will Be Irresistible To Any Young Child I've Ever Met

This Feline Lived Parallel Lives Until Its Owner Tracked It & Let The Cat Out Of The Bag

Perfect For Children And Families

Meet Mella May & Her Giant Cat


The Umbrellas of Hamelin - Sue Knight

An Anthology Of Remarkable Short Stories

Mid-Launch Season: The Author’s Take On MABLE So Far

Let’s Party On The Banks Of The River Weser

Definitely A Collection For Your Bookshelf

Wonderfully Disconcerting, Often Surreal, Deadpan Style That Belies Sinister Undercurrents

A Highly Original Collection, Complete With Author's Notes Along The way And Well Worth The Read

Unique Encounters In The Middle East Led To The Umbrellas Of Hamelin

Suddenly Right On Trend!

As well as the original stories, this anthology includes one reissued novella-length story, Till They Dropped.

Here is what readers said about Till They Dropped: Beautifully Written And Highly Topical - A Terrifying Glimpse Of Our Future - A Gem Of A Story

An Unsettling Dreamlike Quality That Gets To You - Divernet reviews Sue Knight's novel, Waiting for Gordo.

5* reviews for Waiting for Gordo: What About The Golden Cockroach? - A Fine Read For A Beach Holiday - Tropical Island Given A New Twist

The Author Reflects On Waiting For Gordo

Sue Knight Reads The Opening Chapter Of Her Novel, Disraeli Hall

The Author Reflects On Life And Disraeli Hall

The reviewers agree on one thing, it's gripping: Gripping New Book - Gripping And Oppressive


Death by Column Inches - Penny Kot

A Truly Satisfying Read That Will Fully Engage Those Readers Who Enjoy Mystery, Crime, Adventure, And Complex Relationships

I Became The Nightmare Author That All Publishers Try To Avoid

This Book Gripped Me From The Start

Well, This Is Exciting!

A Hospital Abandoned In A Hurry Sparks Death By Column Inches

Stuck In A Gap Of Being Neither A Contemporary Novel Nor Set Far Enough Into The Past


Lady Hartley's Husbands - Andrea Emblin

A Real Saga Of A Novel

Life Ambitions Tarnished

Hello, I'm Andrea

The Power Of This book Lies In The Well-Paced And Compelling Character Arc Followed By The Protagonist

In The Footsteps Of Human Drama Through 1930s Cornwall, War-Torn London, And The Post-War Cotswolds

The Rising Suspense Kept Me Turning The Page As The Story Moved To Its Climax


Kaleidoscope - FBP's Flash Fiction Anthology

A Diverse Collection Of Entertaining And Often Surprising Tales

The Competition Ffrom Which Kaleidoscope Was Born

My Movie Debut





Reflecting A Hard Reality

The Ego Has Landed - a review of Waiting for Gordo by Sue Knight.

Shipwreck As Metaphor - a review of An Excess Of... by Stuart Aken.

A squint at what the future may hold - a review of Storm Girl by Linda Nicklin.

Wonderfully Portrayed Beguinage Women’s Self-Supporting Community, The Star Network Of Older People Able To Operate Under The Radar Due To Their ‘Redundant’ Body Parts, And The Sense Of Human Resilience Against The Odds


Science Fiction

Reflecting Modern Life - the human side of science fiction

Imaginative and engaging page-turner - a review of The Reality Exchange by James Vigor.

A white-knuckle ride - a review of Gravity's Arrow by Jack Mann.

Pretty dang good - a review of The Star Protocol by Simon & Ramon Marett.


Books of the Game

Be sure you have a good alibi

I loved Mental Eddie! - a review of Elite: Mostly Harmless (Elite: Dangerous) by Kate Russell.

Not since Emily Bronte has anyone got away with this trick! - a review of Elite: Reclamation (Elite: Dangerous) by Drew Wagar.

work with real depth - a review of As Long As We Remember (Starbound) by Kae.

It felt like the game coming alive - a review of The Lords of Midnight (Lords of Midnight) by Drew Wagar.

A great telling of a great game - a review of Doomdark's Revenge (Lords of Midnight) by Drew Wagar.


Crime and Psychological Thrillers

Less Than 1% Of What I Learnt Made It Into The Book

Where do the crimes spring from?

These books blew me away! - a review of Con and Perilaus II by Mark P Henderson.

Witty, mystifying and engaging - a review of The Accidental Spurrt & Killing O'Carolan by Walt Pilcher.

If you enjoy Scandinavian Noir, you’ll enjoy this - a review of Buried Deep (book 5 of the Annie Raymond Mysteries) by Penny Grubb.


Showbiz Memoirs

Different routes up the ladder of fame

Hugely entertaining, ofttimes heartbreaking - a review of Fizzy Days & Plastic Monkeys by Mark Millicent.

A true inspiration - a review of My Dalek has a Puncture, the first of Simon Fisher Becker's autobiographical trilogy.

You might not know the name, but you'll know the face - a review of Colin Who? The autobiographical ramblings of Colin Spaull.

I was captivated - a review of Fragments of Joy and Sorrow by Alan Wakeman.

Talk Radio Europe's Hannah Murray interviews Mark Millicent

Review Tales reviews Fizzy Days & Plastic Monkeys

Brilliant, entertaining and funny read - Loved this book! - 5* reviews for Fizzy Days & Plastic Monkeys


Parody & Satire

Against The Assault Of Laughter, Nothing Can Stand

Brilliant, entertaining and edifying - a review of National Cake Day in Ruritania by Mark P Henderson.

Wickedly Clever - a review of The Engklimastat by Mark P Henderson.

Preview Everybody Shrugged by Walt:Pilcher.

Get an overview of On Shallowed Ground by Walt Pilcher.


Epic Fantasy

Out of this world

It is the ‘why?’ that I found fascinating - a review of Stuart Aken's A Seared Sky series.

Pacy, thoroughly engaging fantasy - a review of the End of Empire series by Alex Janaway.

Having thoroughly enjoyed the first, I couldn't wait to get hold of the sequel - a review of The Filey Chronicles by Janet Blackwell.




Peak District Folktales with Mark P Henderson - Join Mark on a trip around the South West Peak District


Everybody Shrugged with Walt Pilcher - Government overreach with Pythonesque overtones


My Socks Have Gone Bonkers with Dale Neal - See Dale and his family interviewed on ITV News

A Thoroughly Enjoyable Jaunt Into A Funny And Unusual Imagined World Of Often Unlikely Rhymes


Mark Fairley, Reluctant Private Eye with Walt Pilcher - Funny Whodunnit & crazily intriguing


On Shallowed Ground with Walt Pilcher - Fortunately, there’s a panic button!


In conversation, Mark (Mil) Millicent chats with Frankie Smith about Fizzy Days - Coming of age in 1980's Britain