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So I’m currently holed up in Huddersfield with my family.

You’d think that I’d have plenty of time to write but when I’m done trying to hold down my day job and also act as a teacher to 2 kids I’ve got very little left in the tank.

I was due to have a launch of my latest Speculative Fiction novel: Overstrike (vol. 1 of the fix point trilogy) at the Concentric 2020 Sci-fi conference, but that’s now on hold and I expect to instead do some online events.

Overstrike is a speculative fiction, alt History/Time-travel Thriller and an exploration of morals, ethics, society and free will. However, I also like the way that Gary Dalkin described it: “hugely ambitious and ingeniously plotted science fiction thriller.”

Aside from trying to promote that, I’m spending some time slowly progressing a couple of projects:

First is a charity anthology I’m organising with a working title of “Darkness”. I’ve assembled a team of published authors known as the Sons of Twisted Fate and they’re kindly offering their services for free. This is looking to come out in October 2020.
Second is Chimera & Origins: Volumes 2 & 3 in the Fixpoint trilogy. These continues where Overstrike leaves off but where Overstrike explores themes of ethics, morals, society and free-will, Chimera (vol II), amongst other things, explores gender, identity and self. Origins (Vol III) concludes the saga and tackles spirituality, magic, self-actualization & transcendence.

In lockdown, I’m finding that I actually have less time than before and am still super busy. But I am making sure that I’m at least taking the plot elements of my next two books.

When the world around me feels like it’s going to the wall it’s great to be able to immerse yourself in a universe and characters of your own creation to help you hold things together.

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