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We run a variety of competitions and produce anthologies from the best of the entries. Each competition is attached to one or more charity which receives a percentage of the profits.

All entries are judged anonymously and equally. We match our judges with the competition genre because our aim is to find the best.

All our competitions carry cash prizes. In the anthology we publish the prize winners, the best of the shortlist and invited contributions from professional writers. The anthologies go through our professional editing process and if your work is published in one of them, we will give you a permanent author page on our website so you can point your friends, family and fans to your work.

We believe that competitions like ours can boost the careers of budding authors by showcasing their work alongside professional writers. And it's a great way for us to spot new talent. More than one of our shortlisted writers in our early competitions has gone on to become a professional and best-selling author in their own right.

It's a great win-win for creativity and that, after all, is why we exist!

So mouse over the competitons tab above to check out our current competition and to see the results of our previous contests.

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