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  1. Elite: Mostly Harmless by Kate Russell

    Elite: Mostly Harmless by Kate Russell

    Written by Kate Russell under official license from the creators of, and based in the vast universe of, the seminal space trading computer game Elite: Dangerous. 

    Commander Angel Rose, forced into a life of crime due to circumstances beyond her control, is determined to survive in the unforgiving void as a professional assassin. 
    Will she be forced into the ignominy of moving back in with her parents when her efforts fail to leave her with credit-earning blood on her hands? 
    After years of galactic travel, could Angel’s destiny be to end up drinking cheap liquor in a bar in Slough… 

    10% of the proceeds of this book will be donated to Special Effect who have made it their mission to beat physical disability and allow everyone to enjoy playing video games.

    4Gb USB Cards feature the cover artwork and all files are DRM-free meaning you can listen to them wherever you like. Audio version performed by Kate Russell and David Braben, music by Allen Stroud. A Radio Theatre Workshop production for Fantastic Books Audio. ACEO Collector card artwork created by Alice taylor from character profiles supplied and approved by the author.

    Follow Kate on her website here: katerussell.co.uk


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  2. Travelling Daze by Alan Dearling

    Travelling Daze by Alan Dearling

    In Travelling Daze Alan Dearling takes us on a nostalgic ride through the '60s, 70s and early 80s. You will meet many characters in these pages including the unforgettable Wally Hope and Sid Rawle and hear their own stories in their own words. Alan lived the life of the road protestor, eco-warrior and serial festival goer for many years and has created a unique record in this book.


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  3. On Shallowed Ground by Walt Pilcher

    On Shallowed Ground by Walt Pilcher

    The seed for Walt Pilcher’s pythonesque On Shallowed Ground might have been born the day his science teacher hurled a six-foot African spear across the classroom demolishing several books and the bookcase in which they had been sitting. Young Walt took a simple lesson from this: You can’t make this stuff up.
    That lesson has informed his writing ever since.

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  4. The Little Prince - A new translation by Alan Wakeman

    The Little Prince - A new translation by Alan Wakeman

    Alan Wakeman's delicate new English translation of this wonderful children's classic by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

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  5. aMUSEing Tales by Heather Maisner and various authors

    aMUSEing Tales by Heather Maisner and various authors

    A children’s short story anthology of 14 Fantastic stories that will fire your children’s imaginations and open their eyes to worlds of dragons, mermaids, self exploration, moral guidance and good old fashioned fun.

    Check out the amazing cover by Paula Murphy and professional contributions from Heather Maisner and Boris Glikman. Internal illustrations by Jolanta Dziok.

    Contributions from Boris Glikman, Heather Maisner, Sara Barnard, Katy Huth Jones, Stirling Davenport, Patricia Crumpler, Nuzhat Anwar, Susan Kite, Peter Ford, John D Slater.

    10% of the proceeds of this books will be donated to the WWO (WorldWide Orphans foundation).

    Enjoy these sometimes fishy but always entertaining tales!

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  6. Horse of a Different Colour by Melodie Trudeaux

    Horse of a Different Colour by Melodie Trudeaux

    A really weird thing happens to 11 year old Megan Crewe when she bumps into Jack the old carthorse. 

    She’s too busy to worry about it until she realises what a terrible secret she’s uncovered. 

    Jack is in danger but no one will believe it except her best friend Amy. Their ideas come thick and fast, but nothing works, and as the menace creeps closer, events snowball. 

    There’s a horse in Amy’s mum’s prize greenhouse, a lot of tomato ketchup in places it shouldn’t be, a ton of heavenly chocolate, and the dreadful taste of artificial flowers. 

    In all the chaos, can they save Jack? Or has the danger that stalked the old horse turned its eye on them instead?

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  7. My Dalek has a Puncture by Simon Fisher-Becker

    My Dalek has a Puncture by Simon Fisher-Becker

    Simon Fisher-Becker is a stalwart of stage and screen and recently found further fame thanks to his appearance in Dr Who as bright blue black marketeer Dorium Maldovar. My Dalek has a Puncture is a frank, no holds barred look at Simon's life and work written by Simon himself. We hesitate to call it an autobiography as it is in equal parts educational, informative, motivational and heart breaking.

    The audiobook version, read by Simon himself, is accompanied by an original music score created by Tony Dugdale. This format is available in both MP3 download and full loaded 2Gb USB Cards.

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  8. A Bookkeeper's Guide to Practical Sorcery by Kate Russell

    A Bookkeeper's Guide to Practical Sorcery by Kate Russell

    Kate Russell’s magnificent young adult adventure, The Bookkeepers Guide To Practical Sorcery, will make you laugh out loud and quail with fear. And it delivers such a matter-of-fact account of magical mechanics you'll be amazed you weren't taught it in school.

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  9. Cruel and Unusual Punnishments by Mark P Henderson

    Cruel and Unusual Punnishments by Mark P Henderson

    In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was Aardvark. So begins Mark P Henderson’s introduction to his beautifully crafted and wholly unlikely collection of animal sonnets that form just one part of Cruel and Unusual Punnishments. Add to these his fables without morals, his tales to tell and the skilful illustrations of illustrator David Moss, and you have a wonderful collection of entertaining short pieces of poetry and prose to make you laugh out loud, cry hysterically and throw yourself to the ground in utter disbelief. 

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  10. Everybody Shrugged by Walt Pilcher

    Everybody Shrugged by Walt Pilcher

    If you’ve encountered Walt Pilcher before, you’ll know to buckle up for a hair-raising ride. Everybody Shrugged is his Walt’s first novel with Fantastic Books Publishing.

    Hold tight to your car, French fries, beer, cigarettes, fluoride toothpaste, sexy underwear, bacon, butter, coffee, and anything else that tastes good, feels good, or is fun to do because here comes Congress to ban it. Professor Gardy Lavager leads the government’s campaign to outlaw popular products deemed harmful to your health, and the military is stripped of guns because war is hazardous too. But Major Tony Farina of the Army’s clandestine MADCOM force sets out to serve his own nefarious ends by subverting Lavager’s research in the name of national security while shadowy foreign interests prepare to leverage the imminent chaos. The ensuing Harmful Substance Race spells the difference between peace and global bedlam as Gardy Lavager fears for his life from enemies at home and abroad.

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