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On Shallowed Ground by Walt Pilcher

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Availability: In stock

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On Shallowed Ground by Walt Pilcher - ebook

Quick Overview

The seed for Walt Pilcher’s pythonesque On Shallowed Ground might have been born the day his science teacher hurled a six-foot African spear across the classroom demolishing several books and the bookcase in which they had been sitting. Young Walt took a simple lesson from this: You can’t make this stuff up.
That lesson has informed his writing ever since.



On Shallowed Ground:

including Dr Barker's Scientific Metamorphical Prostate Health Formula® and Other Stories, Poems, Comedy and Dark Matter from the Center of the Universe

by Walt Pilcher


The Wittiest Book You’ll ever Read?


A new take on alien abduction. The best religion. Moses gets an 11th Commandment. A doting father has himself declared dead. A baker’s new recipe for herself. A literally lighthearted look at prostates. Barbecue rustlers of the Old West. Predicting the future by remembering the past. The village idiot goes to Washington. A 30-second tour of Germany (no speed limit on the Autobahn). Bunches of soup and cookies using new colloquial government weights and measures. The danger of going backwards through a Walmart emergency exit. Superhero flying lessons, recycled silver bullets, revolting hippies, and so much more.


Plus an interactive story where you get to choose the surprise ending.


Walt Pilcher’s stories, poems and songs are literary depth charges—you’ll explode with laughter when you least expect it.


Always fun and often profound.


You’ll be glad you didn’t skip school the day they taught reading!

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Author Walt Pilcher

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