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Killing O'Carolan

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Killing O’Carolan, a Mark Fairley mystery, follows the reluctant sleuth as he struggles to avoid his new case.




Someone is poisoning poets in Greensboro and there seems to be no rhyme or reason to it. Reluctant amateur detective Mark Fairley goes undercover in the arts community to learn whose muse has run amok and restore poetic justice to the city. All well and good until he discovers the future of this modern American town may hinge on the fate of a legendary 18th Century blind Irish musician and a hit man with a chip on his shoulder.


I wondered who was poisoning poets in Greensboro. Then I read Killing O’Carolan by Walt Pilcher and found out. You should too. — Durango Falcone, serial volunteer book reviewer


Legendary blind Irish mystery writer Seán Ó Shéamuis once said, “The best mysteries are the unsolved ones.” Unfortunately, there are none of those in Killing O’Carolan. Mark Fairley solves them all. How disappointing. But you’ll enjoy it anyway for the humor, the suspense, and the crisp writing that keeps you moving quickly from page to page until the very end where, sadly, everything is revealed. — Bupkis Reviews


Better than any legendary blind Irish mystery I ever read! Funnier too! And Walt Pilcher is a great tipper. — Sharon McDonald, floater, McDonald’s Restaurant, Greensboro, NC


Walt Pilcher is a former apparel company CEO whose business writing was often mistaken for comic writing. His On Shallowed Ground (witty stories and poems) and the comedy novels Everybody Shrugged and The Accidental Spurrt® (the first in the Mark Fairley Mystery series) are all from Fantastic Books. He lives in High Point, NC (USA) with his wife, Carol, an artist.


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Author Walt Pilcher

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