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The Cat of Doom by Mark P Henderson

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Availability: Out of stock

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The Cat of Doom by Mark P Henderson - ebook

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Surreal fantasy from Mark P Henderson. The Cat of Doom sees a cast assemble for an apocalyptic quest, but oh dear … what a cast.


The Cat of Doom includes poetical and musical interludes from author Mark P Henderson, a master of surreal apocalyptic fantasy.

The most unlikely cast are assembling on the East Sussex coast. If ever a group was to be entrusted with a quest such as this, it surely should never have been this group. Gabriella de Clare, seeking her True Self, is joined by the obsessive psychotherapist Herr Dr von Tür, the shaven-headed Glaswegian enforcer Big Vince, the incompetent Cuthbert Fell with his only friend, Abdul, the former champion marathon runner, Selina Crumpett, serial killer Gardner-Carpenter and Anglican priest, Patricia.

They are not alone. Assisting the quest are three trees, Winston, Esmerelda and Yggrasilsdottir, a pack of mangy dogs and a gnome called Smiley.

Their activities cause the fabric of time itself to ripple, and that while the Cat of Doom is still firmly entrapped within its bag. The denouement becomes ever more inevitable, more epic and ultimately satisfying.


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Author Mark P Henderson

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