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  1. Tesserae by BJ Edwards

    Tesserae by BJ Edwards

    AUDIO version available from Amazon here.

    BJ Edwards' poetry collection, Tesserae, is a delight to the senses, drawing on a deep understanding of prehistory and archaeology that casts a spell over the reader as they drink in a mix of sensations.

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  2. aMUSEing Tales by Heather Maisner and various authors

    aMUSEing Tales by Heather Maisner and various authors

    A children’s short story anthology of 14 Fantastic stories that will fire your children’s imaginations and open their eyes to worlds of dragons, mermaids, self exploration, moral guidance and good old fashioned fun.

    Check out the amazing cover by Paula Murphy and professional contributions from Heather Maisner and Boris Glikman. Internal illustrations by Jolanta Dziok.

    Contributions from Boris Glikman, Heather Maisner, Sara Barnard, Katy Huth Jones, Stirling Davenport, Patricia Crumpler, Nuzhat Anwar, Susan Kite, Peter Ford, John D Slater.

    10% of the proceeds of this books will be donated to the WWO (WorldWide Orphans foundation).

    Enjoy these sometimes fishy but always entertaining tales!

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  3. Hippy Valley by George Murphy

    Hippy Valley by George Murphy

    George Murphy is a performance storyteller who began writing and performing comic monologues for adults after his retirement. People across the North of England (and as far south as Nottingham) have paid to laugh at George’s comic monologues and songs which he sometimes performed alongside Rod Dimbleby in The Rod and George Show.

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  4. On Shallowed Ground by Walt Pilcher

    On Shallowed Ground by Walt Pilcher

    The seed for Walt Pilcher’s pythonesque On Shallowed Ground might have been born the day his science teacher hurled a six-foot African spear across the classroom demolishing several books and the bookcase in which they had been sitting. Young Walt took a simple lesson from this: You can’t make this stuff up.
    That lesson has informed his writing ever since.

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  5. Hamun and Giben by Alan Wakeman

    Hamun and Giben by Alan Wakeman

    Hamun and Giben are two characters created by the late Alan Wakeman. These stories are amusing and entertaining and are suitable for all age groups. However, Alan's writing skill nudges the reader toward a state of moral and spiritual enlightenment with every parable.

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  6. Ours by Maureen Duffy and various authors

    Ours by Maureen Duffy and various authors

    Maureen Duffy, acclaimed modern poet, is the star of Ours, a motherland-themed anthology that also features established and up and coming poets from around the world.

    This is a collection for poetry lovers and serious scholars.

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  7. Cruel and Unusual Punnishments by Mark P Henderson

    Cruel and Unusual Punnishments by Mark P Henderson

    In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was Aardvark. So begins Mark P Henderson’s introduction to his beautifully crafted and wholly unlikely collection of animal sonnets that form just one part of Cruel and Unusual Punnishments. Add to these his fables without morals, his tales to tell and the skilful illustrations of illustrator David Moss, and you have a wonderful collection of entertaining short pieces of poetry and prose to make you laugh out loud, cry hysterically and throw yourself to the ground in utter disbelief. 

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