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Resistance by Alex Janaway

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Availability: In stock

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Resistance by Alex Janaway - ebook

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Alex Janaway’s second fantasy novel, Resistance, continues his End of Empire series that began with Vanquished. Resistance is a fast-moving fantasy adventure that picks up the story in the aftermath of the war whose aim was to extinguish all human life and follows the fortunes of four key characters: ex-arena champion, Father Michael, bodyguard to the heir of Tissan; Eagle Rider, Owen Derle; the thief and chancer, Cade; and Captain Sabin Fillion, half-human, half-elf. 



Resistance, Alex Janaway’s second fantasy novel in his End of Empire series, continues the story begun in Vanquished where the world’s inhabitants united under Elven leadership to wipe out humanity.  

Resistance begins in the aftermath of that war. The Tissan Empire lies in ruins, a few survivors hang on in remote pockets of desperation. The Elves return victorious to their heartlands reckoning that if humanity ever recovers as a species it will not be for several generations because there are so few humans left. 

They have underestimated both the determination and the numbers of survivors. Not only have more escaped than they realise, their allies the Dwarves have not adhered to the agreement for killing on an industrial scale. 

There are four survivors, whose wartime experiences were charted in Vanquished, who now hold the key to humanity’s future: 

Father Michael, ex-arena champion, has survived and protected the last heir of Tissan. They are a long way from home but actively forging new alliances and intend to reclaim their empire. 

Owen Derle, Eagle Rider, once wanted peace. But his experience of war has hardened his resolve into thirst for vengeance. 

The gaolbird and chancer, Cade, has swapped one prison for another. She is a slave working for a Dwarf master. Cade wishes for an army at her back to get out from the Dwarven yoke. Then she finds she has one. There are tens of thousands of human slaves now working the Dwarven mines.  

The halfbreed, Captain Sabin Fillion, has more reason than most to hate the Elves, but the aftermath of the war finds him catapulted to the very heart of Elven politics – a prime position and a dangerous one. 

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Author Alex Janaway

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