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As Long As We Remember

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Quick Overview

As Long As We Remember is a fast-moving action adventure set in the world of the action adventure game, Starbound.



Protector Nyota Saimiri is determined to put her past behind her. She stands at the brink of a new life helping Earth’s Terrene Protectorate spread peace across the galaxy.


But in a heartbeat, a few moments of chaotic terror see her hopes ripped to shreds. Her world is shattered both literally and figuratively as an ancient horror smashes everything she holds dear.


Left alone and adrift in distant space, Nyota can either give in to despair or search for answers. Did anyone else survive? Can that thing be stopped?


Her quest leads her to an ancient gateway, and a dangerous plan. Can she find a way to destroy the horror sealed within, or will it escape before she can find the keys?


The seal is already cracking. The artefacts she needs are scattered far and wide across the galaxy, and she is not the only one searching. The evil Occasus will unleash the horror to “cleanse” the galaxy of all who oppose them if they reach the keys first.


There is no time to grieve. Nyota must form new alliances to chase the long-forgotten past through cavern and temple, sea and sky – searching for a goal that’s out of reach as her enemies close in.


Additional Information

Author Kae Longnaker

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