old books on shelf

Many folks scoff when we tell them that our writers are creating the classic works of the future. Here's why we believe they truly are

Every author wants their work to be remembered by somebody, for something. There's a reason most books carry dedications and acknowledgements after all.


But what of those classic texts that we all know and love? Who were they written for? And during their creation did the authors genuinely think that their work would endure for tens, if not hundreds of years? We think not.


The fact is that in the huge and fast expanding world of contemporary literature, the chances of writing something truly memorable drop equally quickly.


That's why we look for pieces of work that stand out.


  • Hard science fiction with a deep seated fantasy vein running through it? Check.
  • Vast worlds and epic tales expertly mapped out over a writer's journey of three decades and more? Check.
  • A pure science fiction anthology that starts with an absurdist, abstract piece of prose and carries a foreword by a comedy science fiction TV legend? Check.


It's all there in our list if you care to find it.


Most publishers don't like to take these sorts of risks and, it has to be said, if we were offered the latest biography of some flash in the pan reality TV star, we would have to think long and hard about turning down what would inevitably be a lucrative and popular book.


The point is that no matter how 'on trend' it was at the time of publication, it wouldn't adorn the shelves of any schools or private collection fifty years from now.


We genuinely believe that lots of our titles will.