science fiction walkNobody should be afraid of a little science fiction in their lives, here's why!

Over the years we have heard many times that people simply 'don't do' science fiction. That such a huge slice of the reading public think this way is a real shame and we want to try and change their minds.


On further investigation it appears this reasoning is because the general consensus is that science fiction is far fetched and consists mainly of space ships racing through asteroids blasting lasers at each other.


Not true. Some of the finest, inspirational and mind blowing stories in the science fiction world address much more pertinent issues such as the destruction of the environment, the consequences of the rise of unrestrained AI and deep future issues such as what will happen to our global politics when we eventually make contact with one of the myriad civilisations out there in the galaxy. Add in the possibility of engineered diseases, mind control and robot armies and the sheer size and scope of the genre becomes clear.


Science fiction is not a constrained genre and will happily sit with a variety of other genres. A great example of this is Drew Wagar's hard science fiction and fantasy crossover series the Shadeward Saga. Book one, Shadeward: Emanation introduces the Witches of Drayden, a powerful collective of women chosen from the population of Scalia for their 'gift', which is refined and trained to be used for both healing and destructive purposes. Clearly fantasy of the highest order... or is it? The mechanics of the planet, its permanent overhead sun and the passage of planets across its face is based in the hardest of science fact. All, as is usual for both the fantasy and science fiction genres, is not quite as it seems.


Another great example of where science fiction can take you is the collection Synthesis.


Among the 27 stories from both professional and amateur authors, you will find everything from dystopian worlds, experiments gone wrong, wonderful machines, absurdist images of the universe, robots gone rogue, humans as prey... the list is sure to have a story that you'll love and will open your mind to other ways of looking at this stunning genre.


Science fiction has inspired thousands of people to head into the scientific disciplines and motivated them to give us unpresedented views of the stars, land on asteroids, beam HD TV to your homes, cook your food in record time, inhabit distant worlds with robots, cure diseases, improve engineering, harvest energy from the sun, wind and waves, all while keeping in mind the amazing visions of the future science fiction has given them.


So take a chance, grab yourself one of the classic science fiction texts from the likes of Isaac Asimov, Harry Harrison, Arthur C Clarke and Ray Bradbury or grab yourself something more contemporary from authors like Douglas Adams, Grant Naylor (an amalgamation of Rob Grant and Doug Naylor), Iain M Banks or our own clutch of talented science fiction stars Drew Wagar, Kate Russell, Stuart Aken, Darren Grey and more


We promise you won't be disappointed.


Just Imagine!