The White House

International Trust Your Government Week, December 20 – 27

Allegedly promoted by the United Nations to encourage temporary respect for elected officials and bureaucrats alike regardless of party affiliation, election legitimacy, position on global warming, documented legal status, sanity, education, nationality, race, heritage, gender, sexual orientation, criminal record, degree of intelligence or common sense, International Trust Your Government Week (ITYGW), fosters diversity, tolerance and general laissez-faire in the interests of World Peace.

During this week, celebrants are urged to write to their government officials at all levels with the basic message: “We don’t care what the heck you do because we think things will somehow work out okay in the end.”

Of course, they won’t necessarily, but still it can be a fun week as a break from reality if nothing else. Like binge watching House of Cards. No, wait, that’s too close to home... How about Brave New World...? No, wait …

What does the world need ... really need?

That’s right – a mirror. No! Not to admire your new glasses. Put them down. And anyway a virtual mirror, something to break the jaw-dropping, gobsmacking monotony and at times sheer terror of looking on as government stupidity hits new highs.

And that’s why we’ve chosen ITYGW as our launch window for Walt Pilcher’s Everybody Shrugged

It might hold up an uncomfortable mirror, but at least it’s a mirror that will make you laugh. In a deft and entertaining finesse of a classic macroeconomic conundrum, Everybody Shrugged describes the ultimate government policy – depriving us of both guns and butter.

And it’s worth noting that ITYGW ends on National Fruitcake Day