inspirationInspiration. Where does it come from and why it is so hard to find?


Have you ever met someone who you would describe as 'inspirational'? Why is that? Is it something they said, did or simply a feeling that seems to surround them like an aura?


Many of our authors find inspiration from nature. Walking through the woods or tramping through fields seems to recharge their motivational batteries and when they get back to their seat of writing the words just seem to flow. 


Another route is other people. Sometimes you will meet somebody with such a positive, can do attitude to life that you find their very presence refreshing and recharging.


But what's the secret? How best to get yourself motivated to write, create or do something you've been planning to do in a meaningful and inspired fashion?


The key, in our opinion, is to truly believe that what you are doing or are planning to do has value. Real, palpable value to the world. There are many sources of inspiration and motivation out there in the world, many of them accessible from your very own home.


For example, our resident photographer and creative liason Gabi has found inspiration in the wonderful world of Pinterest, where folks can share inspiring and motivational images they have found online and share them with their friends and family. Photographers get a lot of inspiration from looking at other photographers' work.


Cynics may say that this is simply a form of 'creative recycling' but we strongly disagree.


The creative industries are awash with people remaking, reimagining and improving versions of other people's ideas and this has been the case for centuries. Think of how many of Shakespeare's ideas have been used in the modern film industry over the last 50 years.


Inspiration is an easy thing to find if you just accept the fact that by seeing what somebody else has done with their own ideas, you may well find the spark of a unique idea of your own.


With that in mind we are very proud to introduce our new inspirational Pinterest boards, put together by Gabi, that contain inspirational messages, handy hints and tips and beautiful artwork from creative people from all over the world.


So far we have three boards to choose from;


Inspiration for fantasy writers

Inspiration for science fiction writers

Inspiration for writers


These boards will grow over time so keep popping back for a dose of Fantastic inspiration whenever you feel the need.


Now get out there and get inspired, people!


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