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Sue Knight

sue knightSue Knight writes short stories and poems. Her debut novel, Till They Dropped, was published in 2015. Her second, Waiting for Gordo, was inspired by her many trips to the Maldive Islands. Listen to Sue talking to Hannah Murray on Talk Radio Europe's The Book Programme about the Maldives, how they provided the inspiration for the book and where its name came from.


Sue was an invited contributor to the anthology that emerged from our Motherland poetry competition. She and her husband Colin live on the south coast of England where she is an active member of the local Jehovah’s Witness congregation.


Learn more about Sue on her website


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  1. Till They Dropped by Sue Knight

    Till They Dropped by Sue Knight

    Till They Dropped by Sue Knight is a thriller novelette following Emily, a trapped child looking for a way home. Audio version read by Penelope McDonald. A Red Room production for Fantastic Books Audio. Music by Kevin MacLeod. Learn More

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  2. Ours by Maureen Duffy and various authors

    Ours by Maureen Duffy and various authors

    Maureen Duffy, acclaimed modern poet, is the star of Ours, a motherland-themed anthology that also features established and up and coming poets from around the world.

    This is a collection for poetry lovers and serious scholars.

    Learn More

    Starting at: £1.99

  3. Waiting for Gordo by Sue Knight

    Waiting for Gordo by Sue Knight

    Miranda should have no cares in Sue Knight’s eco-thriller, Waiting for Gordo. She’s with her dependable husband, Jim, on a paradise island with a group of friends. Their daughter is grown up and has flown the nest. They have no ties and no worries. So why the shades of unease? Is it the rustle of unseen creatures in the low scrub, the strangely watchful Bathroom Cockroach … or is it that Jim’s dive buddy Gordo is delayed on an outlying island waiting for a tropical storm to blow over before their boat can put to sea.

    Jim’s usual matter-of-factness keeps a lid on Miranda’s unease, but the small anomalies grow while she looks out over a deceptively calm aquamarine sea towards distant roiling clouds ...

    ... waiting for Gordo.

    Learn More

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  4. Disraeli Hall - Paperback

    Disraeli Hall - Paperback

    Light fades in the library of Disraeli Hall as Sarah recalls the bright hopes that brought her here; her visions of the future with Leo. Now he's gone, leaving only the recurring nightmare of his death, the scream, the darkness, the light that wouldn’t work. Now she is trapped, independence sold to chase a dream, a servant where once she was in command. Learn More

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