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Mark P Henderson

Mark P HendersonAfter he retired from a career in medicine and university teaching, Mark Henderson moved to the Peak District of Derbyshire, England, and started to write fiction and to collect and tell local folktales. In addition to a novel, an anthology of short stories and other works, he’s published a collection of 62 traditional Peak District stories and tells some of them on his recently-recorded CD. He’s secretary of his local creative writing group and secretary of the local concert society, and he regularly delivers talks about his work as well as storytelling gigs. He updates his website blog at random intervals.


Mark was shortlisted in our 666 horror competition.


Find out more about Mark on his webite: www.markphenderson.com


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  1. Cruel and Unusual Punnishments by Mark P Henderson

    Cruel and Unusual Punnishments by Mark P Henderson

    In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was Aardvark. So begins Mark P Henderson’s introduction to his beautifully crafted and wholly unlikely collection of animal sonnets that form just one part of Cruel and Unusual Punnishments. Add to these his fables without morals, his tales to tell and the skilful illustrations of illustrator David Moss, and you have a wonderful collection of entertaining short pieces of poetry and prose to make you laugh out loud, cry hysterically and throw yourself to the ground in utter disbelief. 

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  2. National Cake Day in Ruritania by Mark Henderson

    National Cake Day in Ruritania by Mark Henderson

    Rory Redman’s exploits might drive his contemporaries to rage and himself to insolvency, but he has never put anyone in real danger – before now. His desperation for money drives him to accept a commission that he knows has crossed a line.

    Do the job, collect the fee, and don’t look in the envelope.

    All he has to do is keep a lid on his curiosity and his troubles are behind him. But Rory Redman was never one to deny an impulse. There is a heart-stopping inevitability about the way his choices funnel him ever further from safety and ever further from home. The mutual attraction between him and Ariadne Sowerby might be the route to salvation except that both strive to hide their feelings and Rory’s suicidal curiosity focuses on Klarissa Alterleta, the strange woman whose antics escalated his minor troubles into the stratosphere.

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  3. 666 by Michael Brookes and various authors

    666 by Michael Brookes and various authors

    The 666 horror anthology comprises stories of exactly 666 words and includes tales from Michael Brookes, Nathan Robinson, Linda Acaster, Stuart Aken, Regina Puckett and John Scotcher.

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  4. The Engklimastat by Mark P Henderson

    The Engklimastat by Mark P Henderson

    Coming soon... Mark Henderson’s novel, The Engklimastat (“that which prevents or stops crime or law-breaking”) weaves a fast-paced story of drama, treachery and love around the question posed by the title; what would happen to modern society if crime became impossible? The story weaves nail-biting drama into moments of laugh-out-loud hilarity as it follows Henderson’s unlikely protagonists, the hapless Solomon Threep and the dynamic Theresa Greene, who are both used and pursued by the demon Hypostates. As the drama unfolds it becomes only too clear, with the logical inevitability that is Henderson’s trademark, how much modern society relies on crime just to function, let alone to flourish. Learn More

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