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Marie Gameson

Marie Gameson was born in Trinidad but spent her childhood in Kuwait, El Salvador, and Barbados. She now spends her time between London and Suffolk, and works as a Business Analyst. She did an MA in Translation Studies (Chinese), and her dissertation enabled her to explore a long-standing interest in ancestor worship.


Marie and her mother co-wrote 'The Turtle Run' - a book based on the legacy of the ‘English Redlegs’ – the Monmouth Rebels who were exiled from England to Barbados, following their defeat at the Battle of Sedgemoor in Somerset in 1685.


In 2017, Marie's first solo book 'The Giddy Career of Mr Gadd (deceased)' was published. This was a tale about grieving for the living, involving Zen, Catholicism, Chinese ancestor worship and dodgy 70s music.


Her latest book, 'The Day Jack Sacked His Therapist' explores the theme of how our identity is dependent upon the people around us, and how that sense of Self is threatened when the people close to us change - particularly if they decide to improve themselves.


Read more about Marie and her books at www.marie-gameson.com

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