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The Day Jack Sacked his Therapist by Marie Gameson

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The Day Jack Sacked his Therapist - ebook

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In The Day Jack Sacked His Therapist, Marie Gameson gives us a humorous, contemporary, urban tale that explores people’s inter-dependence and how their sense of self can be threatened when others change. You will seethe with frustration, hold your breath in trepidation, and laugh out loud as the drama unfolds.
The important thing, Jill tells her brother Jack, again and again, is that nobody blames him. They weren’t blaming him back when he was four, and they’re still, apparently, not blaming him now he’s an adult. Is Jill’s infuriating meddling due to some flaw in her own character or does she genuinely know what’s best for Jack? After all, she’s the one who has known him all his life; the one with the key to his secret.


Coming soon ... Marie Gameson’s compelling novel, The Day Jack Sacked His Therapist, is a funny but also dark contemporary tale that will keep you at the edge of your seat. In 1981, 11-year-old Jill drags her young brother Jack through a London cemetery to their mother’s gravestone. There she tells him, ‘Nobody blames you, Jack.’ Decades later, she is still telling him that nobody blames him, but now Jack is a grown man who needs to live his own life. Is the infuriating Jill just a meddlesome older sister who can’t give up control, or does she really hold the key to their childhood secret. And is it this secret that holds the key to why no one likes Jack? When new girlfriend Marion comes into his life, Jack knows he has to change, but his quest grows from a simple target of reducing his beer-gut to remembering what happened on a dark, stormy afternoon in 1978.

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Author Marie Gameson

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