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The Star Protocol by the Marett Brothers

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Availability: In stock

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The Star Protocol by the Marett Brothers - ebook
The Star Protocol by the Marett Brothers - Paperback

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The Star Protocol is a fast-moving science-fiction adventure, a first novel by the Marett brothers, Ramon and Simon, each of whom is an experienced writer. The story opens in the deserts of Iraq with a chase that becomes a hostage situation, as the hunters become the quarry. Delta Force soldiers, Will and Dash, along with their British MI6 colleague, John, are on the trail of a known terrorist who they have cornered inside the ancient temple of Ur. Flushing him out should be routine, but they are wary of ambush in this maze-like structure, and they must be quick, there are others hunting them and closing in. When they discover that there are civilian archaeologists inside who have been taken hostage, they are horrified. But when the temple shows its age-old secret, they find out what trouble really means.



The Star Protocol is science-fiction on steroids. The story races along following the adventures of its Delta Force protagonists, Will and Dash; their MI6 buddy, John; archaeologists, Alex and Cassandra and others with whom they are thrown together as they try to outrun events that are out-pacing them. Secrets of the universe have lain hidden in ancient writings and artefacts for centuries. The news from the stars is not great for mankind. The mismatched group, thrown together by violent circumstance have little choice but to take their quest to alien worlds. Will and Dash have the courage and training, Alex and Cassandra have the in-depth knowledge ... and John has a secret. They meet new challenges and forge new alliances, stumbling from one dire situation to another as they struggle to learn what they need to know in order to head off catastrophe. The denouement when it comes is dramatic and satisfying, and with a sting in its tail.

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Author Ramon Marett, Simon Marett

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