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The Reality Exchange by James Vigor

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The Reality Exchange - ebook

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The Reality Exchange is a page-turning space adventure and is James Vigor’s debut novel. You will be hooked from page 1.


The Reality Exchange is James Vigor’s debut novel; science-fiction at its fast-moving best. Small-time smuggler, Winter Starling, becomes a pawn in a bigger game. It’s not what she wants but no one gives her a choice. Her hitherto peaceful existence, living with her parents who own a mine close to Jova, a huge oceanside spaceport, is torn apart. Mining the much-sought-after mineral, asareyite, is a legal activity. Selling it for onward shipment to Earth … not so much. But where Winter’s skills were once all focused on evading security and slipping her illicit shipments to her regular customers inside the port, things take a sudden and sinister turn. The woman who has never been to Earth, never been into space, never wanted to travel beyond the bounds of her home planet, Arali.

But suddenly she’s a pawn in someone else’s game. The spinal implant that keeps her alive has made her a useful tool in someone else’s armoury. She must leave Jova and hitch a ride to Earth and she must do it fast. Just finding someone to take her seems an insurmountable problem, but it turns out to be trivial in comparison to what is to come. And what neither Winter nor the person blackmailing her can know, is that what makes her a useful pawn in one person’s game will make her useful to someone else in way that no one could have predicted.

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Author James Vigor

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