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  1. Michael's Story - Free ebook

    Michael's Story - Free ebook

    “Michael’s story” was written for Michael Holyland, a 15 year old Elite Dangerous player who died on 22nd May 2019. It was created in 3 days from start to finish, by the combined talents of Frontier Developments and the Elite Dangerous player community.

    Best selling novelist Drew Wagar wrote the story, Antony Taylor created the amazing cover, Anthony Hunt created the iconic Eagle glyph, Commander Cryptic Echo, Commander Orange Phoenix, their respective teams and numerous Elite: Dangerous players contributed to the project by creating materials that are still being used to promote this touching tribute to a brave and inspirational Commander.

    An audiobook version was also produced as by the end his treatment was affecting Michael's ability to see. This was produced using the magnificent soundscape of Elite: Dangerous by Frontier Developments and features stunning performances by Amelia Tyler, Richard Reed and Jay Britton. It was edited by Joe Hogan and produced by Zac Antonaci. It is available for free on Drew's website here

    This story would not exist without Michael's Uncle Matt Westhorpe reaching out over Twitter to help bring this project together. Thank you Matt, you are the best Uncle a boy could ask for.

    Please enjoy this free ebook and consider making a donation to Michael's Cancer Research UK page

    Thank you.

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  2. Exiles by Daniel Blythe

    Exiles by Daniel Blythe

    In Daniel Blythe’s Exiles, a group of juveniles have developed a kind of society on The Edge, living and working in the shadow of their crashed spaceship. Some have already died before Bethany Kane arrives and sets foot on a planet’s surface for the first time in her life. The teenage exiles face many challenges including storms, power failure and illness and are in no hurry to welcome a newcomer. Beth struggles to adjust, to fit in with the group, and to try to earn the respect of the leader Zach, and the angry Mia.

    A violent event shatters their fragile ties and loyalties. The youngsters are keeping secrets from each other. But Beth too nurses a secret; one that will prove decisive in the battle for survival.

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  3. Shadeward: Enervation by Drew Wagar

    Shadeward: Enervation by Drew Wagar

    Third book in the Sci-Fi Shadeward series, Enervation by Drew Wagar, continues the story that unfolded in books 1 & 2, Emanation and Exoneration. Kiri and Zoella’s paths cross once more and this time there is no going back. Not even the heroic Meru and the might of the Mobilis can stop the priestesses of Drayden now they have learnt the secret of Amar. Don’t let the fantastical landscape lull you into thinking you are reading fantasy. The science behind this book is rock solid and diligently researched. Learn More

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  4. Gravity's Arrow by Jack Mann

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  5. The Star Protocol by the Marett Brothers

    The Star Protocol by the Marett Brothers

    The Star Protocol is a fast-moving science-fiction adventure, a first novel by the Marett brothers, Ramon and Simon, each of whom is an experienced writer. The story opens in the deserts of Iraq with a chase that becomes a hostage situation, as the hunters become the quarry. Delta Force soldiers, Will and Dash, along with their British MI6 colleague, John, are on the trail of a known terrorist who they have cornered inside the ancient temple of Ur. Flushing him out should be routine, but they are wary of ambush in this maze-like structure, and they must be quick, there are others hunting them and closing in. When they discover that there are civilian archaeologists inside who have been taken hostage, they are horrified. But when the temple shows its age-old secret, they find out what trouble really means.

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  6. The Forge by various authors

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  7. Falling Into Crime - The Annie Raymond Mysteries by Penny Grubb

    Falling Into Crime - The Annie Raymond Mysteries by Penny Grubb

    Falling into Crime comprises the first three of Penny Grubb’s private investigator crime novels. This re-edited trilogy follows Annie Raymond from her first chaotic venture into her chosen profession, through her early struggles, to her emergence as a true professional. It’s a page-turning, fast and turbulent ride, leaving Annie no space to appraise the ambition that took her life on this particular course. Once forced to face it, she knows that a fundamental re-evaluation is long overdue, but the push comes from an unwelcome source that proves more of a threat than anything she has faced before.

    The trilogy includes the winner of the 2004 international Crime Writers’ Association Dagger, The Doll Makers, along with John Creasy Dagger nominee, Like False Money, and The Jawbone Gang.

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  8. Resistance by Alex Janaway

    Resistance by Alex Janaway

    Alex Janaway’s second fantasy novel, Resistance, continues his End of Empire series that began with Vanquished. Resistance is a fast-moving fantasy adventure that picks up the story in the aftermath of the war whose aim was to extinguish all human life and follows the fortunes of four key characters: ex-arena champion, Father Michael, bodyguard to the heir of Tissan; Eagle Rider, Owen Derle; the thief and chancer, Cade; and Captain Sabin Fillion, half-human, half-elf. 

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  9. The Official Lords of Midnight Novel by Drew Wagar

    The Official Lords of Midnight Novel by Drew Wagar

    Do you want dawn ... ?

    Drew Wagar’s epic fantasy, The Lords of Midnight, is set in the world of the award-winning Tolkienesque fantasy game, The Lords of Midnight by Mike Singleton.

    The magical land of Midnight, cursed into eternal winter, faces destruction at the hands of the Witchking. The Lords of Midnight and the Fey of the Forest combined forces once before to defeat him, but this sudden assault by the Witchking’s deadly Doomguard has long been planned to coincide with the Winter Solstice at a time when Midnight has lost the only means it has to mount an effective defence.

    The amazing cover art was created by Jurij Rogelj.

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  10. Elite: Encounters - An officially licenced role playing game based in the Elite: Dangerous universe

    Elite: Encounters - An officially licenced role playing game based in the Elite: Dangerous universe

    This is a 2GB memory card loaded with the latest, updated version of the Elite Encounters RPG in PDF format.

    It also contains stand alone PDF files containing much-requested character sheet templates, vehicle record files and black vehicle cards, both in the same full-colour versions seen in the book and in printer-friendly black and white outline format!

    Full contents:

    • Elite Encounters PDF updated May 2018.
    • Blank Avatar and Vehicle Record Files in high quality vector graphics.
    • Blank vehicle record cards in colour and black and white.
    • NEW backing images for the cards to make them two-sided!
    • Stand-alone version of the A4 Commander's Screen.
    • Print-and-play dice templates.
    • Avatar Creation Summary summary page (from the book).
    • VCS vehicle counters and templates.

    Not bad, eh?

    Find out more at daftworks.co.uk/eliterpg

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