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How To And Textbooks

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  1. How to be a Fantastic Writer

    How to be a Fantastic Writer

    This is the book our editors recommend.

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  2. Reading a Writer's Mind by Linda Acaster

    Reading a Writer's Mind by Linda Acaster

    From initial idea, through the story itself, to a commentary explaining the decisions made during its creation, this book leads the reader through the detailed thinking behind ten stories across a range of genres:


    * Lyrical narrative v terse dialogue (Mainstream)


    * Characterisation through deed and thought (Horror)


    * A calendar structure using the Tell technique (Women’s Fiction)


    * The importance of pacing (Twist in the Tail)


    * Use of alliteration, rhythm & subliminal detailing (Romance)


    * Using the Show technique to elicit a reader response (Drama)


    * Building fiction with an unsympathetic narrator (Crime)


    * Working with parallel storylines via past and present tense (SF)


    * Conjuring the weird from the everyday (Fantasy)


    * Writing for performance and sound effects (Historical)


    * Editing: ten common problems explored


    Written by the author of over 70 short stories and five novels, this guide offers a unique insight into one writer’s creative process, setting a path to follow and showing the tools to use.


    10% of the proceeds of this book will be donated to the Alzheimer’s Society (www.alzheimers.org.uk)

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  3. Preparing for Higher Education Study by Penny Grubb

    Preparing for Higher Education Study by Penny Grubb

    Preparing for Higher Education Study aims to support students starting out in higher education. It focuses on the key skills required to make the step up from school or college to university education.The conventional student of the 20th century is no longer the norm in many sectors. People now enter higher education via diverse routes.They might for example be experienced individuals holding down responsible jobs who want to build their expertise and enhance their career prospects, but who have been out of formal education for several years, or they might be people with the ability but not the standard pre-requisites for a degree course.This book will give new students the boost they need to make the step up into higher education.Dr Penny Grubb has worked in academia since the 1980’s and has introduced generations of new students to higher education study. Her later academic work focussed on innovative ways to educate so-called fragile learners to give them the foundation and confidence to move on to degree courses. Penny’s academic writing has covered healthcare informatics, software maintenance, creative writing and teaching techniques. Learn More

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  4. My Dalek has a Puncture by Simon Fisher-Becker

    My Dalek has a Puncture by Simon Fisher-Becker

    Simon Fisher-Becker is a stalwart of stage and screen and recently found further fame thanks to his appearance in Dr Who as bright blue black marketeer Dorium Maldovar. My Dalek has a Puncture is a frank, no holds barred look at Simon's life and work written by Simon himself. We hesitate to call it an autobiography as it is in equal parts educational, informative, motivational and heart breaking.

    The audiobook version, read by Simon himself, is accompanied by an original music score created by Tony Dugdale. This format is available in both MP3 download and full loaded 2Gb USB Cards.

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  5. Elite: Encounters - An officially licenced role playing game based in the Elite: Dangerous universe

    Elite: Encounters - An officially licenced role playing game based in the Elite: Dangerous universe

    This is a 2GB memory card loaded with the latest, updated version of the Elite Encounters RPG in PDF format.

    It also contains stand alone PDF files containing much-requested character sheet templates, vehicle record files and black vehicle cards, both in the same full-colour versions seen in the book and in printer-friendly black and white outline format!

    Full contents:

    • Elite Encounters PDF updated May 2018.
    • Blank Avatar and Vehicle Record Files in high quality vector graphics.
    • Blank vehicle record cards in colour and black and white.
    • NEW backing images for the cards to make them two-sided!
    • Stand-alone version of the A4 Commander's Screen.
    • Print-and-play dice templates.
    • Avatar Creation Summary summary page (from the book).
    • VCS vehicle counters and templates.

    Not bad, eh?

    Find out more at daftworks.co.uk/eliterpg

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5 Item(s)

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