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Dread Cold

Short Fantasy Horror Competition - Dread Cold

Anthology due for release on All Hallow's Eve 2022!


Watch the top 10 prizewinners revealed on Youtube



The Devil’s Shelter

Game’s Up

The Hero’s Kiss

Sunday Lamb

What it Said on the Tin

Loss of Life

Frost from the Flames

The Salvation of Cassandra

Return of the Hunter

Pandora’s Diamond

I will always find you


The Extraction

Bay Palace

The Giants

Moon and I

Escaping the Cold

The Loop

The Crowd at the Gate

A Study in White

Open Prison

A Stopover in Burden

The Utopia Mine


A Tilt towards Darkness


Celebrity judge: Matt Adcock, author of the Complete Darkness series.

Prizes were awarded on All Hallows Eve.

Congratulations everyone!

1st prize: £75 (The Loop by Mark Henderson)

2nd prize: £25 (A Study in White by Caroline Hardwick)

3rd prize: USB Card packed with TWO MP3 audiobooks (Collapse by Jeremy Childerstone)

4th prize: USB Card packed with ONE MP3 audiobook (Open Prison by Alan Paine)

5th prize: An MP3 audiobook of your choice from the Fantastic Books Store (A Stopover in Burden by Adena Graham)

6th prize: 5 ebooks of your choice from the Fantastic Books Store (The Crowd at the Gate by Tansy Hawksley)

7th prize: 4 ebooks of your choice from the Fantastic Books Store (A Tilt Towards Darkness by Jacci Gooding)

8th prize: 3 ebooks of your choice from the Fantastic Books Store (Escaping the Cold by David Stewart)

9th prize: 2 ebooks of your choice from the Fantastic Books Store (The Utopia Mine by Kester Park)

10th prize: 1 ebook of your choice from the Fantastic Books Store (Moon and I by Kester Park)

All prizes were presented with a certificate, signed by our CEO Dan


Entrants were asked to feast their eyes on the image below and let their imaginations run riot ... we received some impressive entries.


Castle on Lake



Launched on All Hallow's Eve, this competition looked for the best and brightest (or indeed darkest) fantasy horror tales from around the globe.

Wordcount: 1500-2000 words including title and author name

Genre: Fantasy Horror

Topic: Anything that relates or references the above image

Judge: Matt Adcock, author of the Complete Darkness series. 

Fees: £5 per entry, £12 per 3 entries, £20 per 5 entries. Multiple entries must be made at the same time from the same email address. Group entries from writing groups are encouraged.

Payment should be made via PayPal to; fantasticbookspublishing@gmail.com or by cheque or postal order to;

Fantastic Books Publishing
Lilac Tree Farm
Honeypots Lane
East Yorkshire
HU12 9BP
United Kingdom

Electronic entries should be sent to the above email address. Postal entries were honoured if received before the 5th January 2020. 

Closing Date: CLOSED. 


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