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Nuzhat Anwar

nuzhat-anwarPoet and storyteller Nuzhat is from northeast India, and grew up amidst the green hills of the city of Guwahati. She now lives in Pune, Maharashtra. Nuzhat weaves words into exciting, inspiring tales for children and was the grand prize winner of our first children’s story competition. to share her culture with a wider audience she also delves into the art of literary translation. An avid reader, she enjoys folklore, music, photography, creating Ikebana (the Japanese art of flower arranging) and working in her organic garden.


Nuzhat won first prize in the FANTASTIC SHORT CHILDREN'S FICTION COMPETITION 2013 with her heartwarming story 'My Friend Hatuk'.


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  1. aMUSEing Tales by Heather Maisner and various authors

    aMUSEing Tales by Heather Maisner and various authors

    A children’s short story anthology of 14 Fantastic stories that will fire your children’s imaginations and open their eyes to worlds of dragons, mermaids, self exploration, moral guidance and good old fashioned fun.

    Check out the amazing cover by Paula Murphy and professional contributions from Heather Maisner and Boris Glikman. Internal illustrations by Jolanta Dziok.

    Contributions from Boris Glikman, Heather Maisner, Sara Barnard, Katy Huth Jones, Stirling Davenport, Patricia Crumpler, Nuzhat Anwar, Susan Kite, Peter Ford, John D Slater.

    10% of the proceeds of this books will be donated to the WWO (WorldWide Orphans foundation).

    Enjoy these sometimes fishy but always entertaining tales!

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