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Mary Jay

Mary JayMary Jay was born in Newcastle upon Tyne and studied English Literature in Manchester before a career as a tutor in Sixth Form Colleges. She later worked as an Education Consultant and was a Senior Examiner for A Level examinations.

Her published work includes textbooks, articles and reviews for teaching publications. Her interest in art and her love of London provided some of the inspiration for her debut novel ‘Deception‘.

Mary lived in the Cheshire town of Knutsford with her husband and two beautiful Birman cats, but sadly passed away in the summer of 2017 following a short illness. Mary was a talented author whose untimely death undoubtedly robbed the world of some superb literature in the novels that would have followed Deception. Mary is missed by us all.

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  1. Deception by Mary Jay

    Deception by Mary Jay

    Miranda is a young tutor in an Art college in London. She is dedicated to her work and has a vibrant social life in Camden Town and an exciting new relationship with Mike, a Scottish mountain climber. Her easy relationship with her students is disturbed when she discovers that one of them is stalking her. Then her close friend and colleague, Anni, also begins to quietly insinuate herself into Miranda’s life; taking over her flat, establishing friendly relations with Miranda’s brother and his pregnant girlfriend, and becoming suspiciously close to Mike. As Miranda prepares for an exhibition of her paintings in a Camden gallery, tensions in her life increase and she is faced with issues that need to be resolved. While she becomes ever more involved with her painting and her study of the painter, Munch, she realises that her relationships with the people around her are beginning to unravel and events in both her private life and her career as a tutor take an unexpected turn. She loses faith in the people that she had trusted, and faced with unforeseen problems, she has to confront the challenges in her life and make some crucial decisions.


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