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Linda Acaster

Linda Acaster Linda is an award-winning novelist and short-story writer, living on England’s Yorkshire coast. On her doorstep are the locales of her paranormal trilogy, the first two books of which, Torc of Moonlight and The Bull At The Gate, are available as both ebooks and paperbacks.

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History has always fascinated her, especially the day-to-day lives of people who never feature in history’s grand recollections. Undertaking the research necessary to breathe life into these long-ago lives regularly throws up direct and eerie connections to 21st century living that she exploits in her fiction.


Linda is an invited author in our 666 horror anthology that came out of our 666 horror competition.

Find out more about Linda on her website


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  1. 666 by Michael Brookes and various authors

    666 by Michael Brookes and various authors

    The 666 horror anthology comprises stories of exactly 666 words and includes tales from Michael Brookes, Nathan Robinson, Linda Acaster, Stuart Aken, Regina Puckett and John Scotcher.

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    Starting at: £2.99

  2. Torc of Moonlight by Linda Acaster

    Torc of Moonlight by Linda Acaster

    Sex, sport and alcohol are why Nick Blaketon escaped to college, but when pieces of his life start disappearing he locks on to chaste Alice for stability. Only it’s not the alcohol affecting him. And seducing Alice lays a path to a past that isn’t buried, and definitely isn’t dead.


    Linda Acaster is an award-winning author of four novels and 70+ short stories, some collected into ‘Contribution to Mankind and other stories of the Dark’. She lives in the UK surrounded by an ancient landscape full of ghosts.

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    Starting at: £8.99

  3. The Bull at the Gate by Linda Acaster

    The Bull at the Gate by Linda Acaster

    Book 2 in the Torc of Moonlight trilogy


    ...an enthralling, nuanced read...


    Grief-stricken Nick Blaketon is working in York, a mediaeval city of half-timbered houses and tight cobbled streets where Viking re-enactors thrill the tourists. Yet once it was a Roman town that garrisoned the Ninth Legion and the Sixth Victrix. Deep in modern cellars a sacrifice stirs as a temple rebuilds.


    Nick believes his dead lover, Alice, is lost to him forever – until she erupts in a flood of water begging to be freed.


    Vibius Fulcinius believes the Christ-men aim to eliminate the true religions, and vows to protect the Temple of Mithras.


    York police believe Sophie Trevott is leading a double life, and that mentally fragile Blaketon is involved in her disappearance.


    When a Roman lamp appears on his desk, Nick suspects that Alice’s nightly visits are altering the flow of time. Before it realigns, can he can snatch her back from death and restore her to him?


    ...a beautifully crafted paranormal thriller...

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    Starting at: £8.99

  4. Reading a Writer's Mind by Linda Acaster

    Reading a Writer's Mind by Linda Acaster

    From initial idea, through the story itself, to a commentary explaining the decisions made during its creation, this book leads the reader through the detailed thinking behind ten stories across a range of genres:


    * Lyrical narrative v terse dialogue (Mainstream)


    * Characterisation through deed and thought (Horror)


    * A calendar structure using the Tell technique (Women’s Fiction)


    * The importance of pacing (Twist in the Tail)


    * Use of alliteration, rhythm & subliminal detailing (Romance)


    * Using the Show technique to elicit a reader response (Drama)


    * Building fiction with an unsympathetic narrator (Crime)


    * Working with parallel storylines via past and present tense (SF)


    * Conjuring the weird from the everyday (Fantasy)


    * Writing for performance and sound effects (Historical)


    * Editing: ten common problems explored


    Written by the author of over 70 short stories and five novels, this guide offers a unique insight into one writer’s creative process, setting a path to follow and showing the tools to use.


    10% of the proceeds of this book will be donated to the Alzheimer’s Society (www.alzheimers.org.uk)

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    Starting at: £7.99

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