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BJ Edwards

BJ Edwards was born in the winter of 1975 in the town of Wolverhampton. A lifelong fascination with anthropology, theology, archaeology and prehistory led him to a degree in English literature and on to a career in teaching before he became a full time writer. BJ writes and directs plays as well as having historical novels, short stories, articles and poetry to his name.


BJ’s other passion is sport. He trains every day, holds belts in Judo and Kung-Fu, and holds the stroke seat at his rowing club. He also collects swords, has a passion for films and has a guide dog called Oliver. You can find out more about BJ on his website, his blog or follow him on Twitter


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  1. Tesserae by BJ Edwards

    Tesserae by BJ Edwards

    AUDIO version available from Amazon here.

    BJ Edwards' poetry collection, Tesserae, is a delight to the senses, drawing on a deep understanding of prehistory and archaeology that casts a spell over the reader as they drink in a mix of sensations.

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