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Barbara Lorna Hudson

Barbara Lorna Hudson grew up on a farm in Cornwall. She studied languages at Newnham College Cambridge and trained in social work at the Universities of Chicago and Newcastle. She was a psychiatric social worker and relationship counsellor for several years before becoming a social work lecturer, first at the London School of Economics and then at Oxford University.


When she retired she took up fiction writing and completed the Guardian/University of East Anglia Certificate Course in Creative Writing.


Barbara began with short stories. Check out her ebook, Click to Click: Tales of Internet Dating. Her first novel Timed Out was published by Driven Press in 2016. Timed Out is about an older woman who tries to turn her life around via Internet dating, and looks for a meaningful way to spend her retirement years.


Barbara’s first novel with Fantastic Books is Makeover, a story of tangled friendships and affairs that dips into the dark world of abusive relationships.


Barbara lives beside the Thames in Oxford, and spends a lot of time eating and talking at Green Templeton College, where she is an Emeritus Fellow.


Her website is www.barbaralornahudson.co.uk


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  1. Makeover by Barbara Lorna Hudson

    Makeover by Barbara Lorna Hudson

    Makeover by Barbara Lorna Hudson is a sharply observed and hard-hitting work of women’s fiction that explores the twists and turns of life and relationships as it follows the fortunes of Lucille, twice divorced and twice the victim of abusive marriage, and Oxford don Walter, still mourning the death of his wife.

    In their own very different worlds, they both know that they have to move on and grasp new opportunities, but neither is prepared for the severe lessons they have yet to learn.

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  2. Do You Remember The Barn Owl

    Do You Remember The Barn Owl

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    Get ready to be transported to a world of ghosts, birds, beasts, and fascinating characters in "Do You Remember The Barn Owl?" This anthology of quirky short stories and flash fiction by award-winning author Barbara Lorna Hudson will take you on a journey filled with humour, spine-tingling moments, and thought-provoking stories. Learn More

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