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Annie Percik

Annie Percik

Annie Percik lives in London with her husband, Dave, where she writes novels and short stories, whilst working as a University Complaints Officer. 

She writes a blog about writing and posts short fiction on her website

She also makes a media review podcast with her husband (@loveittomorrow) and publishes a photo-story blog, recording the adventures of her teddy bear (https://aloysius-bear.dreamwidth.org/).  He is much more popular online than she is. 

She likes to run away from zombies in her spare time.

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  1. The Defiant Spark by Annie Percik

    The Defiant Spark by Annie Percik

    The Defiant Spark by Annie Percik, a fantasy novel, set in a contemporary world without electricity. In this world, mana powers everything. But all access to mana is controlled by the artisans. Abelard Abernethy works in a call centre. It’s hard work for little reward. He and his friends dream of becoming artisans themselves.

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