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Ann Bupryn

john gohAnn is a teacher who has dabbled in writing for many years. She says she spent years wondering whether she was writing stories for children or stories about children, but in the end concluded that it’s all too often a false division. As an adult she still enjoys many of the books she read as a youngster, and as a teacher she has been amazed to find her young charges wholly engrossed in books supposedly aimed at people twice and three times their age.


Ann's horror tale was shortlisted in our 2016 horror competition and we invited her to contribute to the first of our Forge series.


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  1. The Forge by various authors

    The Forge by various authors

    Created from the best and brightest of our Fire and Ice competition entry. Foreword by Simon Fisher-Becker. Learn More

    Starting at: £2.99

  2. 666 by Michael Brookes and various authors

    666 by Michael Brookes and various authors

    The 666 horror anthology comprises stories of exactly 666 words and includes tales from Michael Brookes, Nathan Robinson, Linda Acaster, Stuart Aken, Regina Puckett and John Scotcher.

    Learn More

    Starting at: £2.99

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