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Alan Wakeman

alan wakemanWriter and campaigner Alan Wakeman tragically died soon after launching his autobiographical Fragments of Joy and Sorrow with Fantastic Books. We were proud to be the chosen publisher for this superb collection and aim to publish more of the work that he entrusted to us. You can read Alan's incredible story in his own words on his website

Born in London in 1936 Alan grew up during the second world war. He was called up for national service when he was 17 and went to the Far East with the Royal Air Force. A prolific writer and tireless campaigner throughout his life, Alan was an amazing person who met real adversity in his life but never allowed it to affect his honesty or integrity, and never became bitter over the many injustices he faced. He was a pioneer of English teaching introducing key innovations in the 1970s. He advocated veganism in the days when most people thought vegans were people from another planet, and he was a passionate gay rights activist.


Alan’s death in 2015 was sudden and unexpected. Tributes poured in from around the world. You can read a couple of them here: Alan’s obituary from the Guardian and from PInk News.




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  1. The Little Prince - A new translation by Alan Wakeman

    The Little Prince - A new translation by Alan Wakeman

    Alan Wakeman's delicate new English translation of this wonderful children's classic by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

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  2. Fragments of Joy and Sorrow by Alan Wakeman

    Fragments of Joy and Sorrow by Alan Wakeman

    Introducing: Fragments of Joy and Sorrow - Memoir of a reluctant revolutionary by Alan Wakeman


    Has anyone ever written so lightly, so gracefully, of a long life? At odds again and again with prevailing opinion, whether as vegan or pioneer in English-language teaching or participant in Gay Liberation, the late Alan Wakeman lived half his life in Soho, London's famous residential district beside Piccadilly Circus. He tells of his great, tragic love-affair and a later extraordinary friendship with his lover's grown-up American son.


    Broken into individual 'fragments' this memoir distils the most exciting, life-changing, heart- breaking and sexuality-affirming moments of Alan's life. Each 'fragment' of raw experience is followed by brief musings based on his nearly eight decades of experience!



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  3. Hamun and Giben by Alan Wakeman

    Hamun and Giben by Alan Wakeman

    Hamun and Giben are two characters created by the late Alan Wakeman. These stories are amusing and entertaining and are suitable for all age groups. However, Alan's writing skill nudges the reader toward a state of moral and spiritual enlightenment with every parable.

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