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Shadeward: Enervation by Drew Wagar

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Availability: In stock

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Shadeward Enervation - Paperback
Shadeward: Enervation - ebook

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Third book in the Sci-Fi Shadeward series, Enervation by Drew Wagar, continues the story that unfolded in books 1 & 2, Emanation and Exoneration. Kiri and Zoella’s paths cross once more and this time there is no going back. Not even the heroic Meru and the might of the Mobilis can stop the priestesses of Drayden now they have learnt the secret of Amar.

Don’t let the fantastical landscape lull you into thinking you are reading fantasy. The science behind this book is rock solid and diligently researched.


Enervation by Drew Wagar is the third in his acclaimed Shadeward series. This is meticulously researched science-fiction with all the magic of fantasy. Continuing the saga from book 2, Enervation, the warring factions of this fractured world close in as legend fights newly-discovered technology. This time the truth must prevail or the planet faces mass extinction from natural forces. Meru and Zoella’s alliance is the one force that might win through, but then Kiri reappears and rips them apart. The priestesses of Drayden have discovered the land of Amar and are determined to subdue it. Their star blazes in the skies above them, having shown what terrible destruction it can unleash, but only one of the warring factions knows what’s coming next. The race is on to persuade a reluctant populace to put aside old prejudices and join forces to save itself from an ancient threat.

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Author Drew Wagar

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