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HCS Voicepacks

Elite: Dangerous and VoiceAttackWelcome to the new HCS VoicePacks page! So, what's it all about?


Have you ever wondered about a time in the future when we'll be able to command our electronic items at will, Star Trek style?


Issuing commands such as; 'lights on', 'run me a bath' or 'open the curtains' have been around for a while now in smart-homes and such like, but the technology is very expensive and usually involves hacking great channels into your walls and bury miles of cabling to make it possible.


In the future, we think the vast majority of things that we'd like to be voice controlled are going to be controlled by our computers.


Particularly when playing games, it would be wonderful to be able to say 'deploy weapons' or 'prep for landing' when playing a space sim or 'give me some information about the galaxy' when out exploring in a space ship.


Now, thanks to our friend Paul Watson from HCS VoicePacks and the amazing tech Jedis over at VoiceAttack, all you need to turn your gaming life into a series of spoken commands is available right now!


The official VoicePacks have been put together for the epic space games Elite: Dangerous and Star Citizen but can easily be reprogrammed to work in a variety of situations. There's even a 'ship's cat' (it just says meow). Awesome.


So, how can this magic enter your life right away?


Step 1

Dive in feet first, go to the HCS VoicePack page and choose your voicepack. They are voiced by all sorts of Fantastic, talented and wonderful folks. Every pack has been professionally recorded to give you natural and hilarious feedback on your commands. From DORIS's sarcastic bite to Kate Russell's dulcet tones, from Brent Spiner's 'Vega' to William Shatner's 'Orion' and Norman Lovett's 'Leo', the team over at HCS have put together an acting crew second to none. There's even a Brian Blessed VoicePack! Diiiiiive! And what does the mere £9.99 price tag for these collections of amazing command prompts and responses mean? Voice control for the masses!


Step 2

Go to the VoiceAttack website and pay just $10 (that's just £6.84) for unlimited profiles (that's one profile for every game character you play and every application you want to use the software with, no matter how many you have) and you can teach each profile unlimited commands too, all forever! Not bad for $10 right?
Alternatively, you can go to the VoiceAttack website and download their software for a free, 21 day trial. This will give you 20 commands to do with as you see fit and give you a good feel for the software and what it can do.


Hey! These aren't books! Why are we supporting these guys?


That's an easy one. We look for folks who are Fantastic. It's as simple as that. The team behind this software are passionate, driven individuals who have seen a vision of the future and want to be part of it. You can get on board with that vision right now and be on the ride to wherever this technology is going to take us. We're on board, we think you should be too.


So, in the future what other uses might this technology have and who could benefit? Well...

- Help for the blind and partially sighted - Many blind and partially sighted folks could benefit from these voicepacks by integrating their control commands directly into their electronic equipment. Just imagine if the command 'answer the phone' both picked up the phone and switched to speaker. Or what about 'answer the door' which played an explanatory greeting to whoever was outside such as 'the person in this house has mobility issues and will be with you as soon as they can' or 'if you are a double glazing salesman the person in the house will be reaching for their special salesman hose, please wait'.


- Help for the deaf and partially deaf - As the software recognises your voice as the command you train it with, even if you cannot hear it yourself it will still be able to perform the actions you request of it. 


- Integration into existing voice recognition systems - Adding a touch of personality to banal, everyday things such as visiting the fridge or running the shower would add a wonderfully futuristic feel to our lives; 'enjoy your breakfast sir', 'you need more milk', 'oi! Stop eating so many crisps!'. The possibilities are endless.


- Hands free word processing - This is not just beneficial to those people who have very little control of their own physical bodies but also to those who cannot abide staying in the same position for long. Voice command word processing would be slow at first, of course, but if a large enough dictionary of words was learned by the software, a person could recline, Barbara Cartland style and read their books out to the software which would type it into their favourite word processor. But don't some of these sorts of things already exist? Yes they do, but with the VoicePack technology the command 'open word processor' would work with your word processor no matter what type of computer or word processor you work on. It's a cross platform, cross manufacturer way of controlling your electronic products. 'I want to work on my book' could open whichever product you normally use and then the thousands of word variations would be attached to typing the letters in that particular word. For example, the voice prompt 'fantastic' would cause the command <type the letters f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c>. Fantastic!


- Pure, unadulterated, unbridled comedy - We'll leave this up to your own imaginations but imagine the fun you could have if you consider that any command you can give with your keyboard or by pressing a button can be mapped to a voice command... our example would be a remote whoopie cushion...



So what are you waiting for? Go grab yourself some amazing software and support these companies who are nothing short of Fantastic.


The future is voice command.


Just Imagine


 P.s. You might also like to listen to some of our excellent audiobooks, all based in the universe of Elite: Dangerous (though you can play them while playing Star Citizen or relaxing by the pool too, we won't tell if you don't).